2022 Danvers MBC

The 2022 Danvers Merit Badge College is an opportunity for Scouts to earn merit badges in a group setting in the winter and spring of 2022.  Although the badges are being taught in a group format each Scout must take the initiative to demonstrate the skills acquired and to complete all requirements individually.  


Due to the amount of coordination required with participating troops, physical classroom capacity, and the need to maintain a reasonable class size the Merit Badge College is an invitation-only event.

Scouts from the following Troops may register:

  • Troop 16 – Danvers
  • Troop 19 – Middleton
  • Troop 21 – Newburyport
  • Troop 34 – Lynn
  • Troop 50 – Georgetown
  • Troop 51 – Newburyport
  • Troop 58 – Danvers
  • Troop 59 – Peabody
  • Troop 155 – Danvers

We would be happy to share all of our notes, processes and documentation with any troop or committee interested in starting a Merit Badge College for their local scouting community.


Registration is open from .  Registration is online, click the Register menu above or the button below to register and sign up your scouts.

Enrollment will be on a first come basis as most classes will be limited.  Due to the number of Scouts expected and the necessary limit on class size we will not be able to accept walk-in registrations.

Registration Fee is $30 per Scout for up to 3 merit badge classes; please note that it is $30 for one, two or three classes, not per class.  Once you have registered your Scout you will receive an email with registration confirmation. Payment will be collected by your troop and paid by the troop to the MBC.


  •  TBD –Finalize Registration and Payments – NO CLASSES
  •  Saturday February 12- First Merit Badge Classes 
  •  Saturday March 12 – Second MB Classes
  •  Saturday April 9 – Third MB Classes
  •  Saturday May 14 – Fourth MB Classes


  • Period 1: 8:00-9:15 am
  • Period 2: 9:20-10:35 am
  • Period 3: 10:45-12:00 pm

Please arrange to drop off 10 minutes prior to 1st class and pick up no later than Noon.


New for 2022, face masks are required!

Scouts are responsible for obtaining their own merit badge pamphlets, blue cards and other necessary supplies. Scouts are expected to have reviewed the pamphlets and requirements prior to the first session and are encouraged to print requirements from meritbadge.org.

Uniform for all scouts will be Class A.

Please be sure to have your appropriate merit badge pamphlets prior to the start of the first class. Also, please click the link to the right in order to download worksheets for the merit badges you have registered for. Although the badges are being taught in a group format each scout must take the initiative to demonstrate the skills acquired and to complete all requirements individually.

There will be adults from each Troop as well as the Counselors and Merit Badge College Committee Members on site each day. Scouts are expected to adhere to the behavior standards of the Boy Scouts of America. If a scout is disruptive we will first work with the Scoutmaster or adult from their Troop to address the behavior. If not successful we will contact parents or guardians to come and pick up the Scout.

Due to the number of scouts participating we ask that only the scouts take part in the classes. Please no siblings.

The courses will all be taught in one section of the school, accessible from the registration area. In the event that a counselor is absent or a scout is between classes scouts must report to the cafeteria until their last class. Roaming the halls, leaving the building, or going to other floors is not allowed.

Snacks will be available for sale in the main cafeteria. Food and beverages will not be allowed in the classrooms.

We look forward to a great Merit Badge College!

– The 2022 Merit Badge College Committee

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